Achieving the position of manager in the workplace is sought by any employee seeking to advance in their career. Although this title comes with a range of benefits, it also comes with increased responsibilities. Managers have to manage many things at once and be responsible for the successes and failures of their staff. How well you do these determines whether you fit the definition of what a ‘good’ manager is. You can also improve your skills through a Communication skills course for managers.

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What defines a good manager?

Is there any clear definition for what makes a good manager? As what defines a good manager is revealed in the collection of implementing correct practices and how they deal with their staff; there cannot be a particular characteristic that sets a ‘good’ manager apart from the rest.

What does set a good manager apart is that their focus is more on individual staff and their strengths and abilities. Rather than having the employee adapt to the job descriptions, a good manager moulds the job position according to the individual’s strengths, abilities as well as weaknesses. 

Know your employees

A good manager, therefore, takes the time to get to know their employees, their abilities and their strengths. As a manager delegates roles to their staff, it is essential that the manager knows their staff individually in order to assign tasks suitable to what each member is capable of. 

Acknowledge your employees

Managers should not expect their ideas to be the only good ideas to be implemented. As they are a leader of the team, they should listen to their staff, whether it be to new ideas, grievances or arising issues.

Be a motivator

Managers should be good motivators. As their employees look to them, they should encourage their employees by praising their efforts and recognising their successes. Through this appreciation, your staff will be happy to come to work as well as feel inspired to work diligently.

Be a leader

In addition, a good manager is a leader who leads alongside their team, providing clear expectations of what is required of them. It is essential to understand that by being a leader, you are providing your staff with the required support in contrast to ‘managing’ from a distance.

Remember yourself

A good manager acknowledges their faults and focuses on what they have learnt from them. Although your main concern is your team, do not neglect to be kind to yourself. Work on improving yourself in order to lead your team best; this means reflecting on your weaknesses and seeing ways to improve upon them.

Be the example

It is essential the manager be the example of what he expects from their employees. Your staff will need to respect you, and they won’t respect someone who does not practice integrity and ethical principals in the workplace.

Although the road to becoming a good manager may be challenging. The benefits of putting in the effort to improve yourself for the sake of your staff will leave you with happy employees who look forward to coming to work. 

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